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MediPro Holistic Health began as a weight loss specialty clinic. Our practitioners each specialize in one or more approaches to weight loss, helping us provide a single source with multiple solutions. Each body type and lifestyle is unique and our approach is to determine which solution or combination of solutions will work best for each individual client.

We recommend starting with a free weight loss consultation, either in person or by phone. This will help you with a program or combination of programs that will be most likely to be effective right from the start. If you would like to request a free weight loss consultation, please submit a Free Consult Form!

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Weight Loss Program Options

Appetite Suppression
   — Are you frequently hungry?
   — Do you crave sweets?
   — Do you have to eat a lot to feel full?

If so, then this program might be a "best match" for you:

Appetite Suppression—Phentermine, hA2cg
Appetite suppressants, such as Phentermine and hA2cg, are quite powerful and therefor require doctor supervision. They are also very effective. These medications reduce the patient’s appetite and craving for food. Specific eating plans are given along with medication to produce the most noticeable weight loss. Regular checkups and as-needed eating plan refinements are a part of this kind of program.
Energy Elevation
   — Are you often tired?
   — Do you have a dip in energy mid-afternoon?
   — Does it take a lot of effort to get through your day?
   — Do you find yourself mindlessly eating?

If so, then this program might be a "best match" for you:

Energy Elevation—Lipotropic
Weight gain can often be a by-product of low energy. We offer unique lipotropic injections that dramatically increase energy and often result in weight loss. As with all of our approaches, nutritional consulting and revised eating plans are a part of this program. These injections are high-dose vitamin compounds, commonly with no known negative side effects the injections can be combined with other weight loss approaches, making them even more effective.
Blood Sugar Regulation & Pancreas Health
   — Do you have elevated blood sugar?
   — Do you need a simple, yet structured, program?
   — Are you at risk of diabetes?

If so, then this program might be a "best match" for you:

Blood Sugar Regulation & Pancreas Health—Ideal Protein
This solution focuses on replacing carbohydrate-rich foods with high-quality protein sources. Weight gain can be a result of an over-stressed pancreas incapable of producing sufficient insulin to properly process carbohydrates. Reducing calories alone can be dangerous, resulting in low energy and poor overall health, even if weight is lost. By supplementing carbohydrate intake with proper amounts of high-quality protein, muscle and energy levels are retained while fat is burned.

This is achieved by replacing two meals a day with Ideal Protein foods designed to provide exactly the right amounts of protein, carbs and fat. Regular health checks and consultation are a part of this solution. Once the goal weight is met one can return to a normal, whole-foods based healthy diet.

Ideal Protein Ideal Protein Voted Most Popular Diet Program in 2015!

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Personalized Medicine
   — Does obesity run in your family?
   — Do you work out, but never lose weight?
   — Are you looking for a program for lifelong health?

If so, then this program might be a "best match" for you:

Personalized Medicine — DNA Program

There will always be some guessing as to which dietary approach to take for effective weight loss and weight maintenance. New DNA testing helps us discover genetic issues that may underly weight gain, thus giving clear and individual direction for a lifelong eating plan based on your genes. It also indicates where vitamin repletion may be needed to compensate for specific genetic absorption deficiencies.

This DNA program comes with 3 months of bi-monthly coaching visits and nutritional consultion.
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DNA Testing

DNA testing is a well-researched way to effectively match an individual with the correct foods for their body. This 3 month program starts with a Preparation Phase and provides specific supplementation and direction for gently detoxing the body from sugars and other “poisons”.

When the DNA results are back for review, a Weight Loss phase is initiated that matches an individual to a specific focus for weight loss. Then, when goal weight is met, a transition and then a maintenance phase are followed.

This program has a standard duration of 3 months and includes frequent coaching visits and specific supplements which are included in the program fee. There is no limitation of duration on this program. While the weight loss phase is followed for as long as is required for success, the Wellness Gene maintenance plan is recommended long-term for lifelong lifestyle improvements.

Ideal Protein

This program focuses specifically on decreasing insulin resistance by allowing the pancreas to “rest”. It reduces carbs and fats in the diet, and supports the retention of muscle through an appropriate level of high quality protein on a daily basis. Providing a combination of pre-prepared and home-prepared foods, it provides the most variety of all programs, thereby increasing compliance to and longevity of the weight loss process.

The duration of this program is determined by meeting goal weight. It can be continued without negative effects for as long as needed.

Program includes extensive consultation with doctor, plus 1st week of food and 1st month supplements at first visit.


"For over 20 years, I have struggled with my weight. I tried other weight loss programs with very slow, somewhat effective losses. However, I was not successful with keeping the weight off. I would gain back the weight I had lost and more. But with this program I lost much faster—about 3 times faster!" [more]

Individual results should not be seen as typical. Results not guaranteed.

Lipotropic Weekly Injections

Our lipotropics are a combination of B vitamins, chromium, amino acids and liver metabolizers which can be very effective for those who are suffering from low energy/low metabolism due to nutrient depletion. Given by both of our physicians, these injections can stand alone--often resulting in weight loss when a person follows the eating plan—or be used in conjunction with other weight loss programs.

There is no specific length of time outlined for this program. We typically start with 4 weekly injections and then evaluate the results with you. The program may be continued for as many weeks as are needed.


This appetite suppressant has been shown to be very effective for a large number of our patients. It is a prescription program and requires a visit to Dr. Jones, our bariatric specialist in Vancouver, Washington. Follow-up can be done in either the Beaverton or the Vancouver office. Many individuals report steady weight loss, especially when combined with the phentermine eating plan. There are specific contra-indications for phentermine which the doctor will review.

Phentermine is highly effective but has a limit to the duration of treatment. We start with 30 days, checking how the body reacts during that time. Phentermine treatment does not typically exceed 120 days total.

Oral hA2cg

These oral drops are "next generation" hCG and many patients have found them helpful for appetite control and weight loss. They work in conjunction with a detailed and specific eating program involving significantly reduced calories fats and carbs and limited food choices.

This program may be planned for 21, 30 or 40 days, and has several phases to it: Loading, Weight Loss, Transition and Maintenance. All phases must be strictly followed.

"Real life shots before and after! — The before shot is actually about a week into the program after I lost about 10 pounds and the after shots were taken about 10 days before I quit for my France trip. I lost about 8 more pounds after the last photo. Obviously, the program is amazing and easy and very effective. Now that the vacation is over, I’ll go back on the program." [more]

Individual results should not be seen as typical. Results not guaranteed.


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