Our Naturopathic Care Philosophy

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine works by addressing disease as an imbalance. An individual’s body begins to display symptoms in order to alert the person that something is out of balance. What many see as a negative symptom is actually the body trying to compensate for a system out of harmony. Rather than suppressing these symptoms, naturopathic medicine seeks instead to bring the body back into balance and address the disease process head on. By taking the time to view this interconnected system as a whole, we are able to see what can be addressed to bring the body back to a state of health and ease.

Naturopathic medicine is particularly effective in addressing low energy, chronic pain and long-term illnesses.

What to Expect

You can expect to spend more time with our naturopathic doctors than you would with a medical doctor. The extra time is needed for proper evaluation and physical exam, and development of a patient-doctor relationship that is supportive, educational, and embarks you on a path of health that is successful and sustainable.  

Individuals who have tried more traditional western approaches to medicine and have not found success may find that naturopathic medicine offers solutions that are unique and effective. Naturopathic approaches also avoid the side affects common in Western medicine. 

Our goal is to address the body as a functional unit, creating balance and encouraging health over the lifespan.

What People are Saying

Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Sandell is a caring and comprehensive Dr. In my first visit with her, she took the time to explore and understand all the contributors to my health concerns. She has offered many different suggestions, educating me on my body and it's responses.

I always feel cared about as an individual because she takes time to listen and encourage. I highly recommend Dr. Sandell and have referred her to many of my friends.—Kami   


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